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It was never as easy to view online city maps as it is now with the advent of interactive maps by Google. Google Maps provided us many things in locating and finding information about a particular place specially in the United States and Canada where support for geocoding is available. Unfortunately though, not all cities have data as robust as it is on the countries mentioned. Thus WIKI MAPS was created.

With a little help among its residents, Wiki-maps aims to provide information like address, contact info and a brief background of the structures and point of interests on cities which are covered by google maps with high resolution satellite images.

Becoming an Editor

Anybody who has thorough knowledge about the city can be an editor. Simply register and you're off to go.

Revenue Sharing Network

Though the site is completely FREE and I dont ask for any fees or donations, I still need to look for sources of income to handle hosting costs. For now the best way to address that is by integrating it with Google Adsense.

During registration, you can provide your adsense code that will be used to display adsense ads from time to time. Editors with adsense codes will have a 50% chance of having their adsense codes displayed. This way you share benefits on efforts put into this project.

Ps: Right now the adsense sharing code is not yet fully implemented but will be after I release a beta version.