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#12 First St., New Manila, Quezon City ,Quezon City
Tel Number: lhXnwvwrHqRvFgXLT
Contact Person: IFeGTzid
Email: xinlu@pharme.cn
Website: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003405865877
Category: Private Offices

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Hi:I was watching Juve last night so didn't have time to write about that game. I saw some of it. Guardiola got his taictcs wrong, in my view. The 3-4-3 didn't work, and when they shifted back to 4-3-3 they didn't quite look comfortable, Messi on the right seemed a bit odd to me. Sevilla did well, but nothing special more Barca's mistakes than Sevilla's genius, I thought (having seen only about 70% of the game).Thanks for the innovative comment. I think it's the first time someone has complained about a historic 1-6 result being covered rather than a 0-0

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